The RAIL Project Steering Committee would like to thank the following organizations and people for donating to this worthy cause:

The Old Fort Board of Aldermen

The Wilma Dykeman Legacy

Becky Anderson

Ellen Bailey

Christopher Dunbar

J. David Sullivan

Mark Simpson-Vos

Joe and Mary Standaert

Thomas R. Falcone and Lorraine G. Finch

Michael McCue

James Clark

Dan Huger

Angelyn Whitmeyer

Dan Pierce

Jim Stokely

Becky Anderson

Horse and Hero

Emily Cadmus

Bob Riddle

Gaye Woods

Lucinda Freece

Marianne Mooney

Michael Grillot

Rod and Bess Baird

Stuart Smolkin

Brenda J. Thornburg

Little and Larrimore, PA

Katherine A. Fincher

Bruce Larson

Phyllis Humble

Bland Simpson

Elizabeth Colton

Mary Sorrells

Bonnie Stewart

Larry and Sallie Driggers

Leah Matthews

Dennis Schauber

Elaine Schein

Michael Walker

Susan Rex

Steven Pierce

Pam King

David Moore

Cynthia Justice

William “Bill” S. Jacobs

Harvey Kreider

Steven Plever

William O’Connell

Betty Moore

Daniel Beerman

Kathy Phillips

Richard Kark

Lawrence and Louise Haas

Tom and Renee Hudson

John Ager/James G. K. McClure Fund

Town of Old Fort

McDowell County Commissioners


RoAnn Bishop

Imogene Stevens

Annie Ogg

Ed Sheary

Michael and Belinda McFee

William and Alice Hart


Robert (Sammy) Sams

Jessica Stepp

Kirk Phillips

Margaret Berthiaume

The RAIL Project Steering Committee would also like to thank the following for their publicity of our project:

WNC Magazine


Mountain Xpress, Thomas Calder

UNC Asheville’s Communication and Marketing Department, Steve Plever

John Brown

John Ager/James G. K. McClure Fund

Ashley and Ben Whittle:

The RAIL Project Webmaster would like to thank the following organizations and people for their help with documents and images for this website:

William H. Brown, Archives Registrar at the State Archives of North Carolina

Ramsey Library’s Special Collections at the University of North Carolina Asheville

This website is dedicated to the men and women who have worked through the years towards the continuation of the Mountain Division’s Railroad Legacy.

The webmaster, Ashley McGhee Whittle’s Grandfather, Norfolk Southern Conductor, Paul “No Bill” Brigmon, working the caboose near Clinchfield, circa 1975.

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